Tips & Tricks

Here are all of my tips and tricks to make life easier so I have time to craft and create.

Break it Down

No, I’m not talking about singing… I’m talking about breaking down those larger projects that you would love to complete into smaller, manageable parts.

The Monumental Task

When I see projects online, I often wonder how people make time to do it all. I’m always pinning massive sewing projects, amazing gardens, and...Read More »

5 Ways to Find Time to Craft

As a busy mom of 2, it can be hard to find time to make all of the fun crafty things I want to make. This was especially true when my boys were infants. I have learned in the past few years some tricks for getting those craft projects done...Read More »

Quilt Blanket Saga

Before I had my 2 boys, I had at least 3 craft projects going at a time. I would spend a Saturday afternoon sewing a new outfit or making curtains for my office.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, especially toward the end, I went into nesting mode. This...Read More »