Daddy Doll Tutorial

Daddy Doll

Lots of people travel for work or are separated and little children often have a hard time understanding why Daddy or Mommy isn’t around all the time. When my husband went on long trips for work, I decided to make a doll version of him that I had seen online. The concept is pretty simple. The final doll winds up being about 11 inches tall and is shaped like an oval. I took the boys to the fabric store and they chose a very cozy fleece fabric for the back, so that their Daddy Dolls are very hug-able.

Materials needed:

1/4 yard each of

  1. plain white fabric
  2. cozy fabric of your choice for the back

Poly-fil stuffing for the doll

photo transfer paper for fabric

photo of the person (fully visible from head to toe with as plain a background as possible)

Step 1: 

Take the photo and print it in reverse onto the photo transfer paper (follow directions that came with the paper). Trim the photo close to the edges of the person so that it has very little excess.

Step 2: 

(Again, follow the directions that come with the transfer paper). Iron the photo onto the white fabric, making sure to put a light pillow case in between the paper and the iron so that it doesn’t stick. My first try was a failure because I didn’t iron the photo long enough. The second time, I did it for twice as long as the directions suggested and had more success.

Step 3:

Peel back the paper backing so that the photo is on the fabric and let it cool.

Step 4: 

Place “wrong” sides together of cozy fabric and the photo fabric and sew it almost all the way around.

Step 5: 

Turn the doll inside out and stuff with Poly-fil. Sew the end shut.

Bonus – add a silky tag to the doll before sewing the end shut so that the doll has another cozy piece for little fingers.

Easy way to keep your children’s loved ones close when they are far away.