Beautiful Book Covers

book covers
book covers
Clean up the look of your library with plain book covers.

I love collecting books and have always had a giant Ikea bookshelf in my home filled to the brim with my favorites. Lately, though, the bookshelf looks more cluttered than I’d like and I wanted a way to clean up the look of the bookshelf without actually getting rid of any of my books.

When I saw this on Pinterest originally, I thought it looked great, but didn’t get started on the project right away. Now that I have started it, though, I love the look of my shelf.

Time: about 5 minutes per book


  • brown paper (I bought a roll of it online)
  • scissors
  • white paint marker


  1. Think of this as wrapping the book like a present (without using any tape!)
  2. Roll out enough paper to cover the front and back of the book.
  3. Lay the book down on the paper and tuck the ends of the paper into the front and back covers.
  4. Crease the paper on all edges of the book to mark the size.
  5. Remove the book from the paper and fold down at all of the creases.
  6. Replace the book onto the folded paper and tuck the ends in to the front and back covers.
  7. Use the white marker to write the title of the book down the spine.
  8. Put the book back on the shelf and repeat with each book.

I have been plugging away at this project for quite some time now, and each book takes so little time, that it’s not a problem to complete this. I love the way my bookcase looks!

book case
The difference between the covered and uncovered books is dramatic! The covers really clean up the look of my bookcase.

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