Here are all of my sewing posts. I have made my own clothes before from patterns, but usually feel too nervous to wear them more than once. I have learned some handy sewing skills, though, and will share them here.


Easy t-shirt alterations

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I had a closet full of t-shirts that didn’t fit, until I discovered that I could alter them in just about 20 minutes. The process is simple and will help you reclaim those free t-shirts that seem to multiply.

Step 1 – Choose a...Read More »

Daddy Doll Tutorial

Lots of people travel for work or are separated and little children often have a hard time understanding why Daddy or Mommy isn’t around all the time. When my husband went on long trips for work, I decided to make a doll version of him that I had seen online....Read More »

Puffy Quilt Tutorial

Yesterday I told the story of my epic puffy quilt crafting project that spanned nearly 3 years. While that doesn’t exactly fit the criteria of this site about craft projects that can be completed quickly and easily in the spare time you can find, I thought it would be good...Read More »

Quilt Blanket Saga

Before I had my 2 boys, I had at least 3 craft projects going at a time. I would spend a Saturday afternoon sewing a new outfit or making curtains for my office.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, especially toward the end, I went into nesting mode. This...Read More »