Try Try Again – to Grow My Own Food

I’m trying something new this year. I planted seeds for my outdoor garden!

Try something new.

It’s out of my comfort zone, for sure, but I’ve always thought that if I wanted to try something, then I should go for it. The worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work out. This motto certainly applies to my gardening endeavors through the years.

I love the idea of being able to grow my own food… enough to actually get a meal (and not just a few berries when I’m out in the yard). So far, I have not been successful. My yard is full of bunnies, deer, birds, squirrels, and even the occasional fox. These creatures love my garden and I sometimes feel like Mr. McGregor chasing after Peter Rabbit with a crazed look in my eye as I watch the little rascal steal the vegetables I worked so hard to grow.

Last year, I covered my tiny 3 x 3 garden bed with bird netting, and it kept all the critters out, but it also practically succeeded in keeping me out too. I did, however, have cucumbers growing through mid-October.

This year, I upgraded my garden from one tiny 3 x 3 box to three permanent 3 x 6 raised beds. I have yet to figure out what type of fencing I’m going to use, but there’s a battle going on between choosing something that looks good and something that will actually keep the animals out.

I know this is an ambitious project, so I’m going to keep updating each Wednesday as my garden grows.

The first step of this months-long process was to purchase seeds and plant them. I admit I went a little overboard with my seed selections. I purchased 12 packs of seeds and I barely used half of them. Remember, each seed may become its own full plant, so a little goes a long way with the seeds.

Here’s what I will be harvesting this summer: (keep those positive thoughts coming!)

  1. cucumber
  2. tomato
  3. green beans
  4. lettuce
  5. basil
  6. marigold
  7. strawberries (although these are the only seeds that didn’t sprout!)

I have read a lot of gardening posts about the benefits of planting marigold flowers with a vegetable garden. It seems that the pretty orange and yellow flowers repel pests. I have so many pests, I will take any natural advantage I can get!

The cucumber sprouted the fastest, but doesn’t seem to be growing now that my plants have been in the trays for about two weeks. The green beans are getting so tall, I’m beginning to fully understand the expression “bean pole” when describing someone who quickly grew tall. These plants need a support system within a few days of planting!

The next step in my gardening is to fill my raised beds and get them ready for my delicate seedlings. I plan to take care of that this weekend and will update you next week!

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