Holiday Wreath Tutorial

Holiday Wreath

This wreath project takes about 20-25 minutes per wreath and cost only $15 in supplies.

Check out the video tutorial here.

Step 1: Gather supplies – I shopped at Michael’s craft store (with a coupon!) to get the best deal on the wreath supplies. Rather than using loose greenery, which can be hard to attach to a wreath form, I chose a long garland that wrapped around my 12 inch wreath form twice, filling it in nicely. Since I wanted to add a festive holiday look, I chose a sprig of cranberries and red ribbon to decorate the wreath. The ribbon will attach to the inside of the cabinet door in my kitchen with a Command hook.

Here’s what you need:
1. garland
2. ribbon
3. wreath form
4. floral wire
5. wire cutters
6. embellishments (berries) 7. Command hook (not pictured)
step 1
Start by using the wire to attach the garland end to the wreath form. Continue attaching the garland around the wreath until it is all secure.

Step 2: Attach the garland to the wreath form, using the floral wire.

Step 3: Attach the ribbon by wrapping it around the wreath.

Step 4: Attach the decorations (berries) to the wreath.

Step 5: Hang with the ribbon attached to a Command hook on the inside of the cabinet door.

corner wreath
The finished wreath in the corner
Whole kitchen
The finished project